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Guidelines For Work at Home Part 4

Guidelines for Work at Home Part 4

I really hope you took the time to sit down and make a budget. If you didn't you might want to do that now. Look back at part 3 for some suggestions.

You do a search or you see an ad and you think you might be interested so you click the link. You will be taken either to a sales page, landing page, or actual website. When you first see a sales page or website remember they really want you to sign up with their company or organization. So what do you think the main focus of the page or site will be? To sign you up! They will generally list all the reasons why you need to do this and a whole lot of free stuff they are going to offer you. Do you remember our important word? Focus. Don't get caught up in all the hype and promises. Look at what they are really offering behind all of that. Is there a product or service to sale or promote? Is it primarily just getting others to sign up under you? Most will tell you it is not MLM (multi-level marketing) but, essentially that is all it really is. Don't get me wrong MLM is not all bad. Most direct marketing companies use the strategy. Think Mary Kay, Pampered Chef, Beauticontrol, Avon all of these offer icentives to sign up consultants under you. It is a win, win situation. The company makes more money from the new consultant and you also make a percentage of the new consultants sales. These companies are not MLM but, you get the idea.

Alot of these sites are also utilizing the strategy of telling you that there are only a certain number of positions left. They will tell you they are only going to offer this to 25, 37, 40 (whatever number they choose) more people. Don't buy it! This is exactly what it looks like a strategy to get you to sign up. Remember that is the sales pages purpose. They will use whatever they can to make you feel like if you don't do it now you will be missing out.How about the sign up for free programs? You and I both know that the money that they say they are making and you can potentially make has to come from somewhere right? It does, it comes from the cost of an upgrade or purchase. Will they really sign you up for free? Usually but, it is a condensed version and you can not access all of the things that are shown on the sales page. After you sign up for free, you will be redirected to at least 2 more sales pages that offer a huge discount or something special if you upgrade to the paying level today. Some will even tell you this is the only time this offer will be made available to you. If this is a program that you truly want to try then I beleive you should go after it whole heartedly and to do that you will need to upgrade. I personally don't like to be pressured into something so I usually walk away from these. The choice is yours.

Another strategy some of the programs out there are using is that they have other companies or products that they are either an affiliate of or owner of. For instance usually when you sign up for a program they will start sending you daily training e-mails that tell you what you need to do. So everyday you given a task or some advice like how to set up your auto-responder. Maybe your auto-responder came free with the program but, what you didn't know is that you have a condensed version of that responder and in order for it to send out more than 5 e-mails for you a day you must upgrade for an additional fee. Then on day 2 you are told that the way they get all the traffic to their site is by using a specific traffic exchange and that you really need to upgrade that as well. On day 3 you are told that you can get 1,000's of hits to your site if you will purchase them from a certain company. And on it goes everyday for 30 days. Geuss what happens every time you upgrade to the things they tell you? They earn a commission! Now you are starting to see where they make all the money they told you about and what started out as free or very low cost has now pushed you into hundreds of dollars.
If you get caught up in one of these programs I would highly suggest you get out quick! Unless you have unlimited funds to spend which, if you did you wouldn't be doing this in the first place right?

So how do you get out. Well one option is to just walk away and let them have your money. Hopefully you followed the guidelines I recommended about checking the company out in Part 2. Remember that we wanted programs that offered gaurantees? This is where that becomes important. Use the gaurantee that they offered to get your money back. Most of them are no questions asked so if they try to pressure you remind them of that. If you have a hard time with the company go to the one place no business wants you to go- Better Business Beareau. This will usually get their attention and it will also get the BBB's attention.

Guidelines for Finding Work at Home Jobs Part 3

Guidelines for finding Work at Home Jobs Part 3

Do you remember the main idea of Work at Home Part 2? If you said FOCUS you are right. Don't worry we aren't going to go over it again but, I just want to remind you that this is one of the most important things you must do when looking around the web. O.k. let's get down to business.

First things first. You really need to decide now how much you are willing to spend on any work at home opportunity, direct marketing company, and or anything else you find out there. Some people will tell you if you have to pay for it it's not a job. I happen to disagree. If you choose to get involved in, let's say Mary Kay you will have an initial sign up fee. When you do this you become and independent consultant of Mary Kay and essentially have your own business. And of course the obvious example would be a franchise. Don't get me wrong I am not saying that you should have to pay for a job but, you get the idea. My main point is set a limit and do it now! You will see why when you start looking around.

Your budget should include any cost in starting. Advertising, business cards, websites or domain names, product, etc. All of these things will cost you in the beginning and some of them will be necessary to get the results you desire.

An example breakdown might look like this:

Initial sign up fee: $25-200
(depending on what you are doing. Some direct marketing companies like Pampered Chef have larger sign up fees but, you do get products with that)

Business Cards: $10-50
(you can find some great deals online but, some companies will only let you use their logo through companies they have set up an account with)

Website or Domain Names: $10-50
(some companies will give you a website free and some will charge a monthly fee. You may want a domain name that is easier to remember and will have to purchase this)

Web store: $50-500
(you can get a complete store from places like E-bay and Amazon for a fee)

Additional Products: $0-100
(you may want to order some additional products to have on hand to show or sell)

These are just examples and you may need to spend more or less but, you need to be prepared from the start. Take the time to do this now and it will save you in the long run. Set your budget based on what you can afford because some of these costs you will not be able to get back if you change your mind about a program or company later (business cards, advertising, etc.). Once you have set up your budget you will be ready to get started.

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